Drawings, a poem and sculptures supported by stones, these stones are imagined but also correspond to the original size of the stones I encountered along the way. By sticking to the original dimensions of the stones, I was able to remain sincere towards the landscape in which I found myself. I did not took the stones with me, but preserved them in my memory. In this way I could alienate myself from the landscape. From the memories I started drawing, sculpting and writing to make the partly transformed landscape physical again, like a fictionalized realness: an acted life form becoming a real experience. 

By approaching the landscape from different media, I can question its authenticity. By working through the media it feels like I can direct the landscape but only if I stay in the role of the director. 

I see the exhibition space as a space where fiction and real become inseparable because the fiction can be really experienced through its surfaces: the ability of objects how they stimulate you to participate in the fiction or new life form.